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You can read and download our product catalogue here

Our INFRA C20, INFRA C22, and INFRA Point system can measure GPS position. Read more on how to measure GPS position here

Yes, it’s possible to change accounts. To change accounts remotely for INFRA C20, INFRA C22, and INFRA Point, please contact your local sales representative or send an email to sales@sigicom.com.

When the battery status and RSSI are reset at midnight (UTC) they might not show a battery level. To prevent this from happening, add an extra connection after midnight (UTC) and it will be corrected in the next connection. Read more here.

After you have received new devices, you have to switch your devices to the ”RegOn/MonOn” state and wait for interval data to be uploaded at the next connection for them to appear in INFRA Net.

Yes, the D10 is compatible with all INFRA sensors.

There are several reasons why the interval time stamp can show multiple values. Read more about multiple values here.

If you have a cabled system, it may be due to a lost connection to the node. Try a forced reboot. In other cases, there are several reasons it could depend on. Read more here.


Yes, you can. Send the logo to your local sales representative or sales@sigicom.com and we will arrange it.

Client is limited to viewing saved reports on the project. Client+ can create reports and perform searches. Read more about different user types and how to set them up here.

Vibration is continuously monitored by the INFRA geophone sensor, sampling at a rate of 4096 samples per second. The maximum value is recorded for the selected time interval and a time-history waveform is recorded when the selected trigger threshold is exceeded. During the time history recording, all 4096 samples are recorded per second over the selected recording duration. All recorded data is available in INFRA Net for further analysis.

We have a continuous process of improving INFRA Net and updates normally occur once or twice a month. This is often done without any interference of your session, and the next time you log into INFRA Net you will have the latest updates.

When you have no connection to a cell network you can download the files from your INFRA System manually for uploading to INFRA Net at a later time.