Getting started INFRA C10

A quick guide on how to get your INFRA C10 started


  1. To turn the C10 instrument on, press key B1.

All three LEDs are lit up and will remain so for about 30 seconds during the startup sequence.

Normally, the startup procedure will be followed by the Check LED flashing every other second.

Now you have the following options:

  • Enter monitoring mode
  • Do a data server connection
  • Turn off the instrument

If the CompactFlash is missing, the initial startup time will be increased by approximately another 30 seconds. After that, this state will be indicated by the Check (red) and Reg (green) LEDs flashing simultaneously.

Note! The instrument cannot be used without a CompactFlash inserted.

Battery empty

If the battery is almost empty the startup procedure will be aborted after about 15 seconds. The Check LED (red) will be lit for approximately 5 seconds and then the instrument is turned off.

After an automatic instrument restart, when the C10 tries to start monitoring, the Reg LED (green) will be fast flashing for 30 seconds before entering monitoring mode. During this time, monitoring can be aborted by pressing keys B1 and B2 simultaneously for about three seconds.

Start monitoring

To manually set the C10 instrument into monitoring mode:

  1. Press the keys B1 and B2 simultaneously for three seconds. The Reg LED (green) will flash fast to indicate the mode transition.
  2. After a few seconds, the Reg LED changes to slow flashing (once per two seconds). The instrument is now in monitoring mode.

After transition into monitoring mode, a new status file and an interval file will be generated and transferred to the data server.

If SMS function is enabled, a REGON SMS will be sent. There may also be a ‘low battery warning’ or ‘Compact Flash full’ SMS, if any of these conditions are fulfilled.

When in monitoring mode, the instrument is ready to measure according to the parameter settings made. If a trigger is detected (a measured value is above the threshold), this is indicated with a steady green light of the Reg LED during the recording of the transient data file. This file will then be uploaded and a TRIG SMS (if configured) will be sent.