Why is Node lost?

Node lost is when the logger loses connection with the sensor (node). Node lost is indicated on the logger if there has been serious communication problems in five minutes from any Node. To get along from this error state, the logger always needs to be restarted.

Three main reasons why you get the indication Node lost:

  • A sensor (node) is or has been disconnected. Even if it is re-connected there will be a Node lost indication. And in this case the red LED will light constantly after connection, indicating error.
  • Disturbance caused by moisture, if the cables and connectors are set in damp ground.
  • It has occurred that sensor nodes has got corrupt internal memory, probably caused by a lightning bolt or a severe disturbance. In this case Node lost will also be indicated.

Suggested solutions:

Perform a forced reboot from INFRA Net which will re-start your datalogger. If this doesn’t help, you have to go out to your device and continue trouble shooting.

Please call Sigicom support if necessary

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