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Release Notes - (08/11/22)

Welcome to the New INFRA Net!

We are happy to announce that with this release, the Beta phase comes to an end! This means that from now on, you will see the New INFRA Net when you log in. (INFRA Net Classic remains available)

Do you want to learn more about the New INFRA Net? Follow the steps in this guide, and we will update you on the biggest changes.

🚀  New

  • German DIN 4150-3 upper floor benchmark lines

  • Ability to select which columns to display in the Measuring Point overview (Medium- and Full Screen List)

    • This feature is now also available in the Medium List on the Device overview

🌟  Improvements 

  • Ability to export Time domain analyse to PNG

  • Ability to export Frequency domain analyse to PNG

  • Improvements to the user experience on Mobile

  • Small UI improvements

🔧  Fixes

  • Many other small improvements & bug fixes.

 🚧 Known bugs

  • R-channel (resultant) is displayed in the monitoring settings, but this field can't be used to set a trigger value.

  • In some occasions, faulty hardware status information is displayed for: last connection status, no sensor connected (only for Point) and external power.

We are working hard to fix the known bugs and they will be solved through an additional patch release soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience!