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Release Notes

February '24 Release Notes: INFRA Net + New Firmware versions


🌟  Improvements 

  • 'My Active Projects' Filter: Added an option to Project filtering to display only 'My Active Projects', for further simplifying project management. (see image on top)

  • Center Map on Measurement Point: The map now automatically centers on the selected measurement point for better visualization. (see image on top)

  • Measurement Point to Device Link: Direct linking between measurement points and devices for streamlined access. (see image on top)

  • Pin on Search Location: Enhanced location search now includes pinning capability for precise targeting.

  • Frequency Domain Enhancement: Frequency domain range extended to 500 Hz, with a default zoom set to 300 Hz for improved analysis.

  • Expanded Blast List Columns: All columns are now visible in the blast list during searches, offering comprehensive data overview.


  • C50 Frequency Analysis: The C50 frequency domain analysis module is now enabled for advanced transient analysis.

  • Noise Report: Now also enabled for C50.

  • Recording Length Customization: Ability to change recording length between 1-20 seconds, allowing for tailored data capture.

  • Filter Enhancements: High pass and low pass filters are now enabled with a default high pass filter set at 8 Hz.

Firmware Release Notes

C22/C20/Point: Version 2.11
D10: Version 1.6

🌟  Improvements 

  • Sensor health and alignment information added to the transient PDF report. See “Sensor check“ in the manual. (C22 only)

  • Clock synchronization now also uses the GPS receiver. See “GPS receiver”, “Clock set” and “Time synchronization through GPS or Internet” in the manual.

  • The term "Flight mode" is back in the connectivity settings.

  • Minor changes in handling of connectivity issues.