Blast Overview

Blast list

When you open a project, and click on project settings- go to blasts, you will get the blasts list.

Here you can:

  1. This is a drop-down menu; you can choose to go to measuring points, blasts, devices, data views and billing report.

  2. Search for blasts.

  3. Refresh the blasts list.

  4. Resize the menu to a compact, medium or full screen list.

  5. List with blasts

    The blast list is divided in active and non-active lists;

    a. with loaded data and

    b. not loaded data.

  6. Click here to show the blasts on the map.

  7. Click here to create a new blast. It is also possible to edit and remove a blast.

  8. Click here to show your location on the map.

  9. This is the map settings.

  10. Here you can measure distance.

  11. Click here to see the loaded data.

The map shows measuring points and blasts. You can zoom in and out and click on the points to get information. If you only want to see measuring points, go to Measuring points in the drop-down menu.