Create a new Data Report

Create a new data report

  1. To create a new data report, click on the +

  2. Choose all data or transients.

All data are intervals, transients and blasts.

Transients are only blasts and transients.

  1. Choose the time frame

  2. Filter on only active measuring points or non-active.

  3. It is possible to select on the map. Drag the cursor to mark measuring points to include in your data view.

  4. Click on create.

    Note! The create button appears after you have made your choices.

The search is working in the background. You can go to other pages in the meanwhile.

When the search is done you get a pop-up on the bottom of the screen. Click on SHOW.



  1. Intervals shows aggregated time.

  2. Click and mark the intervals to zoom in. To zoom out again, double click.

  3. Green and grey circle indicates regON/regOFF

  4. Click on the intervals to view the interval-values and time

Note! The instrument may have changed the standard or the interval time.


Frequency data

For C22 you can see the frequency data.



  1. Click on the transient to see an analysis of the transient.

  2. It is possible to filter the transients.

  3. You can export to CSV.


Measuring report

In the report both measuring points and blasts are at the same line.

  1. It is possible to filter on measuring points, measured value, percentage and distance. Fill in what it is you are searching for and click on apply.

  2. You can export to CSV.



  1. You can go back to the blast journal