Data Reports Overview

Data reports

  • When you open up a project that has a blast, a data search is automatically done with the time span 48 hours.
  • The search is active for one hour and it can be divided between two people. If person A logs in and is looking at a search, then person B can log in and look at the same search.
  • The transients are pre-loaded.
  • The list shows all searches.
  1. Create a new data report.
  2. See the five latest searches
  3. A sub-menu where you can load data, save, copy, export and delete the search.


In the sub-menu you can do the following actions:

  1. Load data.

  2. Save the temporary report to continue using this data in blast.

  3. Copy the data report. You can copy all or a selected time frame.

  4. Export to excel or JSON.

  5. Delete the search.

Shared reports- When you have saved a report, it is possible to share the saved report with collegues who has access to the project.