Get to Know the new INFRA Net

Learn more about new features in the next generation of INFRA Net

The new INFRA Net

We are working on the next generation of INFRA Net, called the new INFRA Net. This is the first step to a better and more user-friendly system.

New features in the new INFRA Net

  • It is mobile friendly so you easily can check your devices on site.
  • If you hover over the symbols you get more information about the symbol.
  • Hardware is named Devices.
  • The map is a central part. The idea is that you always should have access to the map and that you can start from the map as well as from the list.
  • You can resize the menu. When you choose the full screen list you get more information about the project, devices and blasts.
  • Create a report is named Billing report
  • In project it is possible to use your own map.
  • Icons is frequently used. On the map different icons shows different types of devices, blasts and measuring points. See iconography
  • There are different views where you can see different lists depending on what you want to do in the system.
  • It is available in English, French and Swedish.


  • Find devices, filter warnings, and get locations through the map
  • There is a list menu with devices.
  • If you make changes in INFRA Net, you can save, and the change is immediately. But if you make changes on the hardware you have to save the changes and then commit.
  • The devices seen on the map are sent via gps or manually pinned on the map. If you have old devices you don’t see them on the map, but it is possible to pin them on the map manually.
  • You can use a feature called mirroring. That means that you can fetch current settings from another device.
  • Devices -in full screen mode, it is possible to set table column settings with the parameters that you want to see.


  • There are different blast icons depending on what state the blast is in. Different colors are describing the state.
  • You can easy create a blast report.

Measuring points

  • Measuring points are divided into different symbols and colors describing what kind of measuring being made and in what state the measuring point is.