Get to Know the INFRA System

The INFRA System

The INFRA system is a complete system for construction site monitoring. The INFRA system consists of sensors which sends data and status to INFRA Net, where it is processed, stored and presented through a web interface.

There are sensors for a big number of different quantities, such as vibration, noise, dust, wind speed and direction, air blast, train speed, temperature, barometric pressure and a number of other quantities.

All data is sent to INFRA Net, using the built-in cellular modem, at various occasions:
  • When monitoring is started or stopped.
  • When a trigger event has occurred.
  • When an error event has occurred, e.g. low battery.
  • When manual communication is performed by the operator.
  • At scheduled communication.

Compact- A combination of sensor and datalogger

Compact is a new type of instrument, and is a datalogger integrated with one or several sensors.

The instruments require INFRA Net for full remote control capability, data presentation, alarms/alerts configuration, and instrumentation settings. However, the majority of instrument settings can be done directly at the unit using the keypad/display.

The traditional INFRA System

The traditional INFRA system is based on a a data logger connected to one or several digital sensors via a bus cable.

The data logger collects measuring data from the nodes, stores these data as files on a memory card and sends these files over the cellular network to INFRA Net.