Quick guide to the New INFRA Net

Welcome to your New INFRA Net!

With the new INFRA Net, we are presenting several design updates and improvements to make your daily tasks easier to perform. This guide will help you get accustomed to the new INFRA Net and introduce you to the new look and feel.

Important information:

All of your projects/devices/users are available in the new INFRA Net. The vast majority of the actions and items are synced between the new and Classic version of INFRA Net.

Improved navigation

The new design follows the Google Material Design guidelines for an intuitive and consistent experience. By using recognizable components, colors, and icons, it will be easier to navigate and more efficient to complete tasks.

Improved mobile-friendliness

Some actions are more likely to be done on mobile and we have improved the mobile-friendliness to create a more seamless experience between desktop and mobile.

Map-centric Interface

The map-centric overview helps the user to get a visual overview of the project site while planning and managing your project from elsewhere. With the green plus icon on the bottom right, you can start adding different objects to your project map such as measuring points, devices, blast events, etc.


Improved navigation, mobile friendly and map-centric interface

In the new INFRA Net, you are always one click away from going back to your full projects list. If you see the home icon, it means you are on your start page with all your projects. If you see a back button (arrow), it means you are inside a project menu and all the presented information will be project related.


A list of all the projects you are part of within the company

In-Project Menu

Once you’ve clicked into a project, the menu will show all items and actions affecting the project.

Tip: Clicking on the three dots to the left opens a menu that gives you the possibility to switch from the compact list to a medium-sized list or a full-screen list. This is very convenient when you want to compare different parameters that have been set.

Tip: If you want to switch quickly to another project, click on the arrow down next to the project name and you will see the full project list.

icons icons

User Profile Menu

Besides the Project menu there is also a User Profile Menu.

User profile: Change your personal details and change the language of the interface.

INFRA Academy: Find user guides, quick guides, manuals, and other documentation for INFRA Net and INFRA sensors.

Support: Send a message directly to our support team.

Switch to Classic INFRA Net: Open INFRA Net Classic in a new tab.

Log out: End your session and log out


Map settings

Measure distance: Use the ruler tool to measure the distance between two points on the map. (Currently only available in meters)

Map settings: a) Hide or show labels, i.e. to show measuring point names.

b) Show or hide your available map layers.

c) Show or hide your available GIS layers.

Show my location: See your current location on the map

Add to project: Click to add a Measuring Point, Blast Event, or Data Report to your project.


Data Reports

Data Reports created in INFRA Net Classic won’t be visible in the new INFRA Net.

Unsaved Data Reports (temporary) will be deleted after 24 hours.

To save or share a report, click on the three dots. (See image)

To share a Data report with other people in the project, the data report needs to be saved first.

Icons and Colors in INFRA Net

With the new INFRA Net, we have introduced new icons with different colors to help you understand in what state the item currently is.


Icons and colors.


Feedback tab

Leave feedback behind using our Feedback tab so we can help each other making INFRA Net better.

1.Rate your experience by clicking on one of the emoticons.

2.Write a comment

3.By default, a full-page screenshot will be attached to your feedback, or you can select a specific element on the page.

4.Press send.

Contact us

We understand that changing your trusted software tool can be a big step but we are here to support you. Don’t hesitate to contact your local sales representative or support@sigicom.com for questions.