Create a New Measuring Point

Create a New Measuring Point

Go to the measuring points list under your project. You will find it in the drop down menu under you project.

  1. Click on the small plus to create a new measuring point.
  2. You can also chose to click on the big plus.


A pop-up will appear. Fill in the information about your measuring point.

General settings:

1 Write the name of the sensor. Description- It is possible to a description for example where the device is located.
2 Active dates (It is better to choose a longer date than a shorter one).

Connected device:

3 This is a quick filter for the different sensor types, vibration, sound and geo.
4 Sensor type, this is a list with all the sensors.
5 Device, it is possible to write the name of the device at the top of the list.

Location: Here is where you place the sensor on the map.

6 You can fill in Latitude and Longitude.
7 You can Pin on map.
8 Or use Read my location.
9 Click on save.

The save-button appears when you start filling in the pop-up.