Overview of project overview

When you open up a project you get to the project overview. Here is a quick guide of what you find in this view.

  1. This is a drop down menu where you find measuring points, blasts, devices, data reports, users and billing report.
  2. Here you can refresh the menu.
  3. Click here to get to the measuring points list.
  4. Click here to get to the blats list.
  5. Click here to get to the users list.
  6. Click here to get to comments.
  7. Click here to get to see the project settings.
  8. Add a new measuring point by using the drag-and-drop-tool.
  9. Add a new blast.
  10. Add a new user.
  11. Add a comment.
  12. Here you can add a new measuring point or blast to the project. You can also create a data report.