Overview Users

There are different ways to find the users list.

  1. You can use the drop down menu.


  1. You can click on the main menu and chose users.


If you are in a project you see the users belonging to that project.

Users list

This is the users list. Here you can see a list of users, create new users and change the settings of users.

  1. Click here to find users.

  2. Filter the list by administrator, user, client+, client and blaster.

  3. Refresh the list.

  4. Resize the list.

  5. Click here to create a new user.

  6. Click here to see a quick overview of the user. It is also possible to get to settings and to delete the user.

  7. Click on the cogwheel to get to settings.

    Note! The coqwheel appears when you hover over it.