Different types of users

What can different users do?

There are six levels of roles. Each role has different capabilities. Each role sees different amounts of information in INFRA Net.

If a role has several different projects, INFRA Net doesn’t zoom in on one project on the map at the dashboard. But if the role only has one project then INFRA Net zoom in on the map at the dashboard when you are logging into the system.

Messages can be both sms and e-mails.


You have to save searches in reports, if you want the role client to see the searches. Client can only see saved searches.

Admin User Client + Client with web access Client without web access Blaster
Roles: Create all roles X
Roles: Create client +, client, blaster X X
Projects: Create projects X X
Projects: Edit a project X X
Projects: View a project X X X X X
Data Report: Create searches X X X X**
Data Reports: Create reports (PDF) X X X
Data report: View & update saved searches X X X X X
Recieve messages X X X X X X
Blasts: Can create blasts X X X* X
Blats: See data from blasts X X X X
Blasts: Can edit blasts X X X* X

(*) Client + is often team leader for a blaster, this function is not yet implemented.

(**) See project data from blast in new INFRA Net