GPS function in C20, C22 and Point

In C20, C22 and Point:

  • The GPS-functionality is at present available for C20, C22 and Point (not the Data loggers, nor C10/C12), and was introduced with FW-revision 2.0.0 (2018-12-06).

  • Due to the limitation of the GPS system the device normally needs to be outside to receive a good position (or close to a window).

  • Every time monitoring is started, the internal GPS-unit is activated for some minutes to receive a position. The GPS position is also updated everyday at 5:00 AM.

  • The GPS position can be visualized in INFRA Net, see further down.

  • If the device is set in Flight mode, the GPS-functionality is disabled. This means that if for example Monitoring is started in Flight mode, and normal mode is set after some minutes or later, a GPS position will not be recieved until Monitoring is restarted.


The text ”GPS" is positioned above the communication symbol to the right in the display, and its color shows the quality of the latest GPS position:

  • Green: a GPS position was recieved; accuracy within 20 meters
  • Yellow: a GPS position was recieved; accuracy 20 meters or more
  • Red: no GPS position was received after latest start of Monitoring
  • No text: The GPS-functionaity has not yet been run


The last uploaded position will show up in INFRA Net Hardware under “Location”


In INFRA Net Beta: