Mounting the INFRA Point

A quick guide on how to mount the INFRA Point.

Make sure that the INFRA Point sensor is firmly attached and aligned (plumb and level). For correct measuring results, the mounting angle of the instrument must not exceed 5º relative to the horizontal plane. If you measure triaxial then it should be less than one degree to avoid false measurement.

Wall mount

  1. Identify an even surface where the sensor can be mounted.

  2. Drill for the fastener (e.g. a concrete anchor).

  3. Insert fastener.

  4. Fasten a nut to the head of the bolt.

  5. Attach a washer to the bolt/nut.

  6. Insert the bolt through the center hole of the sensor and screw the bolt into the anchor (sensor hanging loose).

  7. Hold the head of the bolt still with one tool and use an appropriate tool to tighten the nut to secure the sensor to the wall.

Note! The sensor must not be submerged in water.

Connect the sensor properly to the data logger with appropriate INFRA Point cable.

Note! If you switch to another sensor type (e.g. from vertical to triaxial), the system must be restarted after connection.