Mounting the INFRA S50

A quick guide on how to mount the S50
  • The S50 should be mounted with the microphone pointing upwards.
  • The windscreen should always be used when measuring outdoors because it reduces possible wind induced noise.
  • The windscreen also offers protection against rain, dust particles and mechanical damage.
  • The mounting wedge should be used when the S50 Sound Level Meter is to be mounted to a wall. The distance between the wall and the center line (at the top) of the microphone is then 15 mm.



  1. Sensor bolts of different lengths. For mounting of the S50 Sensor Level Meter on a wall. Possibly used together with the Mounting Wedge.
  2. Expansion plugs for concrete walls etc. Suitable together with Sensor Bolts.
  3. The mounting wedge is intended to be used when the S50 Sound Level Meter should be mounted to a wall. By using the Mounting Wedge, the sensing microphone will come very close to the wall, which is a requirement in many cases.
  4. Acoustic calibrator Class 1. Used for periodic tests of the S50.
  • 10pF Preamplifier Input Adapter. Used to carry out more extensive tests than what a single frequency acoustic calibrator can.