Screen description INFRA C22


  1. Status (from left):

    • FW within a square indicates that new Firmware is downloaded and ready for install
    • Date and time
    • The TS symbol indicates that transient time sync is activated, a function only used in special cases, see the Manual.
    • The yellow cord indicates that external power is connected
    • Battery symbol. Green when above 15% and yellow when above 5%. Red otherwise.
    • The yellow flash within the battery symbol indicates that batteries are being charged
  2. Data (from top)

    • Selected measurement standard
    • Last interval (INTV), or last event (EVT) for each direction
    • Live, max signal over the last three seconds.
  3. Monitoring and Horizontal alignment

    • When Monitoring is off the circle is used for horizontal alignment.
    • The text under the circle says whether Monitoring is OFF, TEST (=starting), ON or STOP
  4. GPS status and (GSM/3G/4G) Communication

    • The color of ”GPS" says whether the position was found (green); found with bad accuracy (yellow) or not found (red). (GPS position is updated everyday at 5:00 AM and everytime monitoring is started)
    • The communication strength illustrates the Comm. Quality: The more white, the better comm. (RSSI)
    • Below the communication strength there is text or symbols showing the comm.status; for example ”idle”, ”conn” (= connected) or green/red arrows illustrating communication (red arrows means that the communication has problems)
  5. Errors and Warnings

    • If there is a triangle there are one or several errors or warnings, which can be investigated via the Menu.