Getting started INFRA C22

A quick guide on how to get your INFRA C22 started


  1. To turn the C22 on press the on/off key.

  2. The display is lit up with the start screen giving product type, serial number and firmware version. Press any key, or wait for a few seconds, to proceed to main screen.


From the main screen the following options are available:

  1. Start Monitoring: press the Mon-key

  2. More info about latest connection: press the Comm key once

  3. Manual connection: press the Comm key twice

  4. Open the Menu: press the Menu/Enter key

Instrument errors, if present, will be indicated at bottom right on the main screen and should be checked up before monitoring is started.

If last known monitoring mode was ON, the C22 will automatically restart monitoring after instrument start-up.

Start monitoring

In previous INFRA systems, Monitoring is called registration (REGON).

To start Monitoring press the black key with the red circle. The display will indicate the mode transition and its steps:

  1. First a sensor test will be done. This takes a few seconds, and the monitoring symbol is yellow during this phase.

  2. Monitoring is started, indicated with a flashing green symbol.

After transition into monitoring mode, the instrument will communicate to INFRA Net and transmit its status.

Note! Any key stroke while in monitoring mode may cause a disturbance in the measuring result.

Monitoring does not start

If monitoring does not start when pressing the Mon-key, one of the following reasons may apply:

  1. Another screen than the main screen is present
  2. GUI is locked by passcode.
  3. Battery level is too low.