Getting started INFRA D10

A quick guide on how to get your INFRA D10 started

Before starting the INFRA D10, connect the sensors

An INFRA sensor network consists of one or several sensor nodes connected to a D10 using

  1. termination plug

  2. T-connector

  3. bus cable

  4. drop cable

Maximum length of a drop cable is 5 meters.

Note! After all nodes are connected, D10 must be restarted, because it only sets up its sensor network at startup.


  • Number of nodes, and battery level. Select Datalogger status in the Menu, (see section 5.8)
  • Clock Set, (see section 5.9.3)
  • INFRA Net communication, (see section 5.5.2)
  • Possible errors and warnings, select Errors in the Menu, (see section 5.8)

Datalogger start-up

  1. To turn the D10 on, press the on key.

  2. The display is lit up and the unit is ready for use.

A start screen is first displayed in some seconds and presents product type, serial number, custom name (can be set by the user) and firmware version. Then the Main screen is displayed.


From the Main screen the following options are available:

  • Start monitoring
  • Initiate a manual communication to INFRA Net
  • Open the GUI menu
  • Power off – just wait and D10 will do an automatic power off after some minutes

Instrument errors, if present, will be indicated at bottom right on the main screen and should be checked up before monitoring is started.

D10 will automatically restart monitoring after instrument start-up for example if it accidently was powered off in monitoring mode.

Start monitoring

To start monitoring, press the black key with the red circle.

When monitoring mode is entered, D10 will communicate with INFRA Net and transmit its status.

Monitoring does not start

If monitoring does not start when pressing the key, one of the following reasons may apply:

  • Another screen than the main screen is present
  • GUI is locked by passcode
  • Battery level is too low