Getting started INFRA V12

A quick guide on how to get your INFRA V12 started

Quick start V12

  1. Connect your V12 Geophone with your INFRA Datalogger by using any of the available INFRA Sensor Cables.

  2. Start the Datalogger and wait for the initialization process to complete.

  3. Under the menu Nodes you’ll find your V12 unit as three separate sensors:

    GEO V12V- serial number

    GEO V12L- serial number

    GEO V12T- serial number

    where GEO is the Customer string and serial number is the serial number.

  4. For each of the three sensors, set Standard (S01, S02, etc.).

    Then for the chosen standard select

  • Interval time

  • Record time

  • Threshold (level and ON/OFF).

    It is also possible to change the Customer string which in some standards is used to select weighting type.

    Note! When performing a test or reference measurement, make sure that the threshold is set to OFF. Otherwise unnecessary transients will be recorded.

  1. Activate REG ON, and the measurement will be initiated.

Note! First registration of interval data is delayed to synchronize to the local time. The delay may last up to one interval period. First presentation of data will then be delayed up to two interval periods. Transient triggering and readout of Live-values are available directly after activation of REG ON.